July 30, 2015

Classification Day July 2015

8 EX · 4 EX Mult. · 9 VG 2 yrs


Herd Classification :

40 EX · 62 VG · 19 GP

Goldenflo Goldwyn Jazelle EX-91 (Stylish  Ex-90-4E 9* family)

Goldenflo Damion Holycow EX-90 ( Daughter of Angel Ex-91-3E 11*)

Goldenflo Chrissy Lou EX-91 (Daughter of Angel Ex-91-3E 11*)

Goldenflo Atwood Halftime EX-90

Goldenflo Sanchez Jetta EX-90

Goldenflo Redesign Gerber EX-90

Goldenflo Sanchez Heirloom EX-90

Gardenvale Goldlaser Afton Ex-90

Excellente Mulitple:

Goldenflo Linjet Flexible Ex-93-3E (Nifty Ex 11* Family)

Goldenflo Dundee Eighty EX-90-3E

Goldenflo Jasper Flipper EX-90-2E

Goldenflo Carisma Electric EX-90-4E

VG 1st Lactation:

Goldenflo Alexander Lauren VG-86 (Grand-daughter of Angel Ex-91-3E 11*)

Goldenflo Whammer Kristine VG-86  (Grand-daughter of Angel Ex-91-3E 11*)

Goldenflo Motion Lightyear VG-85  (Milking Yearling!!!)

Goldenflo Jackson Luxury VG-85

Goldenflo Windhammer Kellogg VG-85

Goldenflo Sta Cup Knucklehead VG-85

Idee Goldwyn Lottery VG-85 (Owned with Leighside Farms)(Ravenswell Lydia EX-92 19* Family)

Lindenright Goldwyn Lustre VG-85 (Ravenswell Lydia EX-92 19* Family)

Royalwater G Fever Santana VG-85 (Grand-daughter of Splendor VG-86 38*)

VG 2nd + Lactation:

Goldenflo Lheros Harvard VG-88 (Full Sister to Bubble Gum EX-96-3E 2*)

Goldenflo P One Hocuspocus VG-88 (Grand-daughter of Bubble Gum EX-96-3E 2*)

Goldenflo Dempsey Kingdom VG-88

Goldenflo Windbrook Jonah VG-88 (Daughter of Angel Ex-91-3E 11*)

Goldenflo Fever Jawbreaker VG-88

Lewisdale G Shottle Sugar VG-88 (Grand-daughter of Skychief Supra EX-93-3E 25*)

Goldenflo Sanchez Kinky VG-87   (Grand-daughter of Angel Ex-91-3E 11*)

Goldenflo Atwood Kiwi VG-87

Goldenfo Windbrook Knockoff VG-87

Goldenflo Dundee Kit Kat VG-85

Goldenflo Sid Jimney VG-85

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April 04, 2014

Exciting Classification Day!

8 EX · 5 Multiple EX  · 8 VG 2 yr · 4 other VG

Herd Classification : 37 EX · 64 VG · 24 GP


Goldenflo Goldwyn Glamour EX-93

Goldenflo Damion Flavour EX-92 (Grand-daughter of Terri EX-95-2E)

Goldenflo M Leader Go Getter EX-91

Goldenflo Goldwyn Green EX-91

Goldenflo Stormatic Gong Show EX-90

Goldenflo Shottle Gentle EX-90

Goldenflo Goldwyn Google EX-90

Goldenflo Goldwyn Giggle Ex-90

Excellent Mulitple:

Goldenflo Linjet Flexible Ex-92-2E  (Nifty Ex 8* Family)

Goldenflo Linjet Elfie EX-91-2E (Daughter of  Nifty EX 8*)

Goldenflo Linjet Daisy EX-93-3E (Daughter of Nifty EX 8*)

Goldenflo Marker Dimples EX-93-3E

VG First Lactation:

Goldenflo Atwood Jam VG-87 (Daughter of Linjet Daisy EX-93-3E)

Goldenflo Windbrook Jonah VG-86 (Daughter of Angel EX-91-3E 8*)

Goldenflo Windbrook Jeopardy VG-86

Goldenflo Dempsey Kickback VG-85

Goldenflo Windbrook Josh VG-85 (Daughter of Angel EX-91-3E 8*)

Goldenflo Fever Jawbreaker VG-85

Lewisdale G Shottle Supra VG-85 (Grand-daughter of Skychief Supra EX-93-3E 25*)

Lewisdale G Shottle Sugar VG-85 (Grand-daughter of Skychief Supra EX-93-3E 25*)

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January 11, 2014

New Embryos


5 Embryos:  Goldenflo Lee Angel EX-91 3E 8*
 x  Goldsun 

 Angel's Daughters

Goldenflo Damion Eden VG-87 2 yr
Res. All-Canadian & Res. All-American 2009 
1st Int. Yrlg and Jr Champion EIHQ 2009
Goldenflo Goldwyn Gabrielle VG-87 2 yr
2nd Summer Yearling Atlantic Dairy Championship 2010
2nd Summer Yearling Atlantic Summer Classic 2010
Goldenflo Allen Candle EX-93-3E
3 times H.M. All-Canadian
2 times Reserve All-Atlantic
Goldenflo Damion Horoscope TB-86 2 ans
1st Sr Yearling  Atlantic Dairy Championship 2010
Reserve All-Atlantic 2012



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